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Online Event | CWS Series | Breve arqueología de la repatriación: Cristina Rivera Garza

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This event will be held in Zoom.

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Link: nyu.zoom.us/j/696441495

CREATIVE WRITING IN SPANISH: Breve arqueología de la repatriación: Reading and dialogue with Cristina Rivera Garza, hosted by Sergio Chejfec. With Natalia Sánchez and Mateo Guerrero.

What do deportees take when they return to a country they no longer know? How do objects that cross the border help create a sense of belonging and familiarity? After the economic crash of 1929, many Mexican workers were expelled from the United States and, little by little, they rebuilt their homes on the border. This is the story of my maternal grandparents and their search for a place they could call their own, next to the cotton fields that Cardenism created on the Texas-Tamaulipas border.

Cristina Rivera Garza is an author and translator. Her recent books include Había mucha neblina o humo o no sé qué (Random House, 2016); The Iliac Crest, trans. by Sarah Booker (The Feminist Press, 2017); The Taiga Syndrome, trans. by Susanne Jill Levine with Aviva Kana (Dorothy Project, 2018). She is a distinguished professor in Hispanic Studies at the University of Houston and William H. Bosell Visiting Professor in the Humanities at Stanford University.