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Fridays on the Patio | Kicking Off Spring Break Early: Pizza Party and Golden Age Mexican Cinema

Friday, March 10, 2023, 3:00 - 5:00 pm

KJCC, 53 Washington Square S, NY 10012

Pizza and refreshments will be served.

Start your Spring Break early with a screening of María Candelaria. The 1943 film, which follows shunned young indigenous girl María Candelaria and her lover, is considered one of Mexican cinema’s greatest works and will be introduced by NYU senior and LUCHA president Iván Brea.

English subtitles will be available on screen.

From the IMDb summary of María Candelaria: “In Xochimilco 1909, María Candelaria and Lorenzo Rafael long for getting married but the odds are against them. María Candelaria is segregated for being a prostitute’s child and the couple faces the greed of Mr. Damian, the town’s shop owner who secretly desires María. When María falls sick with Malaria, Lorenzo Rafael steals a quinine bottle from Damian’s shop, unleashing tragedy for the lovers.”

Fridays on the Patio started in Fall 2021 as a space for community, conversation and food to share and enjoy. The programs are student-centered, but open to all.