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KJCC Poetry Series | Susana Villalba, Pedro López Adorno y Paula Jiménez España

Venue: KJCC Auditorium • 53 Washington Square South

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Susana Villalba, Pedro López Adorno and Paula Jiménez España.

Introduced by Lila Zemborain.

Susana Villalba (1956). Poet, playwright and cultural manager. She received the Guggenheim Fellowship 2011 (in Poetry) and the 2nd Municipal Prize of Buenos Aires 2004⁄5 (published poetry). She has seven poetry books published, among them, “Susy, secretos del corazón”; “Matar un animal”; and a fragment of “Plegarias”. She is Artistic Advisor of the Dirección del Libro, Bibliotecas y Promoción de la Lectura del Gobierno in Buenos Aires. She belongs to the Editorial Board of the poetry magazine Último Reino. Previously, she created and directed Casa de la Poesía de la Ciudad (1999) and Casa Nacional de la Poesía (2000) and the International Poetry Festivals of these institutions

Pedro López Adorno (1954). Puerto Rican poet, critic, anthologist and novelist. He served as professor of literature from 1980 to 2012. Author of sixteen books, his most recent works are “Arte de cenizas/Poesía escogida: 1991-1999” (2004), “Opera ardiente” (2009), “Terapia perpetua” (2018) and “Arca de la desmesura” (2019). His poems appear in important anthologies of Latin American poetry. His second novel, “Más allá de un bolero”, will be published by Sudaquia Editores.

Paula Jiménez España (1969). She published several books of poetry, among them “La mala vida”, “Espacios naturales”, “Canciones de amor”, “Paisaje alrededor”, “Terrores nocturnos” and in Mexico the personal anthology “El corazón de los otros”. Her short-story book “Pollera pantalón” has several editions and her novel “La doble” was published in 2018. “La cifra mágica” is her first essay book. She won the First Poetry Prize Tres de Febrero in 2006, the second short-story prize LGBT Hegoak (Basque Country) in 2007 and the National Fund of the Arts First Prize in 2008.