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Moving Diasporic Bodies: Tragicomedy Musical Conversation

Venue: KJCC Auditorium • 53 Washington Square South

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Quan Zhou is the Spring 2024 KJC Chair in Spanish and Culture Civilization. Learn more about her career and her program at KJCC here

Chenta Tsai is the person behind the music project “Putochinomaricón” (“Fuckingchinesefaggot”): a once-in-a-lifetime bittersweet personality with a passion for pop culture of the last decades. Chenta is a defiant, intelligent and committed activist who inspires strong feelings in everyone with their astonishing looks and sounds on stage. Their music is a mix of techno-pop, J-pop, disco, breakbeat and autotune, becoming a reference point for hyper-pop and future-pop. Chenta’s concerts are both light and intense at the same time, their pop songs sound much better live, thanks to the collective
euphoria and their charismatic personality which shines like a star. Moreover, “Putochinomaricón” live performances help amplify a hundredfold the activist message from the songs. We need more irreverent artists like them!

For more information about Chenta Tsai go to Elefant Records