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NYUSPS CALA Fall 2018 Film Series | The Immigrant Experience: Visions of Diaspora on Film in America and Abroad

Venue: KJCC Auditorium • 53 Washington Square South

In English

Screening of “La misma luna/Under the Same Moon” Dir. Patricia Riggen (Mexico, 2007). Introduced by Leonard Quart

About the Film Series

As immigration ignites new conversations in the U.S., it continues to be a divisive issue across the globe. This film series explores the experiences of people who leave their homeland seeking a better life and new opportunities. From the U.S. to Italy and Germany, these films portray the values and aspirations, dreams and nightmares associated with the places where immigrants and refugees settle. As much as these stories are about exile and marginalization, they are also about connecting with others and the power of a human bond that transcends geographic borders and stereotypes.

This film series is being offered in conjunction with CALA course Visions of America on Film (CINE1-CE9013).