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SONORIDAD.ES: Sound Landscapes in the Iberian Peninsula

La Señorita Blanco - 2021-22 KJCC Artist-in-Residence

A Virtual Artistic Residency Diptych curated by Daniel Valtueña

Screening and Q&A with La Señorita Blanco and Daniel Valtueña
Thursday, April 21, 2022, 2:30pm - EDT
Live stream: facebook.com/kjccnyu/live
In Spanish

La Señorita Blanco will close her year-long virtual residency at the KJCC with a conversation with Daniel Valtueña, curator of the Artist-in-Residence Program.

La Señorita Blanco has been working on an original piece called Llanura as part of her 2021-2022 residency at the KJCC. Llanura is inspired by the sound universe of La Serena, a desert-like biosphere in Extremadura (Spain). La Señorita Blanco has created a sound installation which combines video and sound with the textural elements of wool that evoke her roots in Extremadura.

The two videos which La Señorita Blanco has shared with the KJCC open a window into her creative process and give the audience a taste of an art installation that cannot be fully experienced virtually. In the near future, La Señorita Blanco plans to exhibit the installation so that visitors can fully experience the senses and sounds she pulls together in Llanura as an immersive environment.

The first video introduces the context La Señorita Blanco draws from for her piece: her family’s orchard in Castuera (Extremadura) whose landscape informs her understanding of image and sound. The second video is closer to the final installation as the acoustics constitute the sound landscape that will be part of the piece when shown in a physical space through different speakers carefully distributed in a room, while the video presents a slightly moving textured wall that resonates with the audio track.

Please listen to the piece using headphones or speakers with high volume in order to enjoy the piece as much as possible.

Credits: Llanura’s sound space has been created in collaboration with Fernando Monedero and recorded at Los Invernaderos’ studio in Madrid.

La Señorita Blanco’s SONORIDAD.ES’s project focuses on the sound archive of the Extremadura-based natural environment La Serena. The plain nature of this marginal Iberian landscape will serve as a platform to reflect on current debates about rural Spain, life sustainability, and transmedia artistic expressions.

La Señorita Blanco is a performing arts creator whose work reflects on the incorporation of natural landscapes and traditional rituals onto the stage. In 2016 she was awarded at the TNT International Theatre Festival for her creation #imnotrussian. She recently became one of the references of experimental performing arts in Spain with THE OTHERS/LANDSCAPE, presented in Centro de Danza Canal in 2018, as well as with SACRIFICIO, premiered in the frame of ZIP Theatre Festival at Teatro Español in 2019. She recently premiered the final version of the latter at Teatros del Canal in July 2021. La Señorita Blanco continues to work on her investigation Paisaje dentro de paisaje.

Daniel Valtueña is an independent curator based in Madrid and New York City. He is the Artist Commissioning Program Manager at the Queens Council on the Arts and a doctoral candidate in the Latin American, Iberian, and Latino Cultures Department at the CUNY Graduate Center. Daniel works toward making research in the humanities publicly engaged cultural projects as a Mellon Humanities Public Fellow and teaches romance languages and cultures within the CUNY system. His research focuses on Spanish-speaking cultures and performing arts. He holds a BA in Art History from Universidad Complutense de Madrid and a MA in Liberal Arts from CCNY. In 2016 he was awarded the Madrid Region Young Talent Prize in Culture for his early arts management career.