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King Juan Carlos Chair CRISTINA PATO | A CONVERSATION WITH YO-YO MA: Culture and Social Responsibility in the Bach Project and Beyond

Venue: KJCC Auditorium • 53 Washington Square South

In this event Cristina will engage Yo-Yo, the humanist, into a conversation about cultural collaboration, social responsibility and about the lessons learned throughout the process of creating, and developing the groundbreaking Bach Project.*

Yo-Yo Ma’s multi-faceted career is testament to his enduring belief in culture’s power to generate trust and understanding. Whether performing new or familiar works from the cello repertoire, collaborating with communities and institutions to explore culture’s role in society, or engaging unexpected musical forms, Yo-Yo strives to foster connections that stimulate the imagination and reinforce our humanity.

Cristina’s path as an artist, educator and cultural citizen has been deeply impacted by her work alongside Yo-Yo Ma and Silkroad during the last fourteen years.

*In August 2018, Yo-Yo Ma began a new journey, setting out to perform Johann Sebastian Bach’s six suites for solo cello in one sitting in 36 locations around the world, iconic venues that encompass our cultural heritage, our current creativity, and the challenges of peace and understanding that will shape our future. Each concert will be an example of culture’s power to create moments of shared understanding, as well as an invitation to a larger conversation about culture, society, and the themes that connect us all.

Cristina Pato is the 2019/20 King Juan Carlos Chair in Spanish Culture and Civilization, NYU King Juan Carlos I of Spain Center.