2014/15 King Juan Carlos I Chair in Spanish Culture And Civilization

Pedro Cardim

Pedro Cardim obtained a Ph.D. in History in 2000 from Universidade Nova de Lisboa. He is an associate professor at the Faculty of Social and Human Sciences at the Universidade Nova de Lisboa and a Board Member at the Portuguese Centre for Global History (CHAM). He studies the political, administrative, and colonial history of Portugal and the Iberian Peninsula between the fifteenth and nineteenth centuries. He has authored many essays, including “Ceremonial and ritual in the cortes of Portugal between 1581-1698” (1992); “Politics and power relations in Portugal between sixteenth-eighteenth centuries” (1993); “Governor and administration of Brazil Habsburgo and prime Braganca” (2004); and “Political status and identity: Debating the status of American territories across the sixteenth and seventeenth-century Iberian world” (2016). He is the author of Cortes e cultura política no Portugal do Antigo Regime (1998); D. Afonso VI (2006), co-authored with Ângela Barreto Xavier; Polycentric Monarchies (2012), co-edited with Tamar Herzog, José Javier Ruíz Ibáñez and Gaetano Sabatini; Portugal unido y separado (2014); El mundo de los virreyes en las monarquías de España y Portugal (2014), co-edited with Joan Lluís Palos; y Portugal y la Monarquía Hispánica (2017), among others.