HOST: Casilda García López
GUEST: Samantha Hudson
Time & Date: Wednesday, May 12th, 2021

KJCC partnered with WNYU (NYU’s radio station) to launch a series of conversations that delve into the complex stories behind music, lyric, and performance.

Samantha Hudson is one of Spain’s greatest Gen-Z icons, branding her songs as electroqueer, the fruit of Spain’s drag scene, queer raves, and artists with electronic influence like Putilatex. In conversation with her, Casilda Garcia López tries to understand Samantha’s personal vision and definition behind ’electroqueer.’ At just 21, she has more than 140k followers on lnstagram and 75k on Twitter. Samantha’s videos have over a million views, and her listings on Spotify have garnered a solid listening-base. Her pithy statements wind up as viral memes, making her a multi-media presence across all platforms of social and performance media. Her latest performance “Eutanasia Deluxe” at Madrid’s Teatro Lara sold out. With Jordi Cruz, she co-hosts Netflix Spain’s first podcast “¿Sigues Ahi?” Hudson might not consider herself an activist, but her high visibility has brought attention to her artistic talent as well as the necessary inclusion of female-identifying individuals and the LGBTQ+ community at the forefront of progressive art and culture. Her cameo in the TV show Veneno, now streaming on HBO Max, places her at the center of mainstream media. “Samantha Hudson: a story of sex, faith, and electro-queer.”