CWS Online Series | Narraciones visuales, a conversation with Regina José Galindo (Guatemala) on performance art as storytelling.

Introduced by Rita Indiana.

Wednesday, December 1, 2021, 7:00pm – EST
This event will be ONLINE and in SPANISH.
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Regina José Galindo (1974) is a visual artist and poet, who uses her body as the main means of work through performance and more recently in collective actions.

Galindo lives and works in Guatemala, her native country, using her own context as a starting point to explore and denounce the ethical implications of social violence and injustices related to racial and gender discrimination, as well as human rights abuses. stemming from endemic inequalities in the power relations of contemporary societies. It has always been characterized by a vast production that seeks to generate in thought a critical point that points out, denounces, and commits to trial the different actions of abuse to which different social groups are subjected, but which have been normalized through the years and the silence that she breaks.

Galindo received the Golden Lion Award for Best Young Artist at the 51st Venice Biennale (2005) for her work “Who can erase the tracks?” and “Hymenoplasty”, two crucial pieces of her work that criticize Guatemalan violence stemming from erroneous concepts of ethics and morals, as well as gender violence, while demanding the restitution of the memory and humanity of the victims. In 2011 she received the Prince Claus Award of the Netherlands for her ability to transform injustice and outrage into public acts that demand a response. She recently received the Robert Rauschenberg Award from the Foundation for Contemporary Arts.

Galindo has participated in different artistic events such as the 49, 53, and 54 Venice Biennials; Documenta 14 in Athens and Kassel, at the 9th Cuenca International Biennial, the 29th Ljubljana Biennial of Graphic Arts, the Shanghai Biennale (2016), the Pontevedra Biennial (2010), the 17th Sydney Biennial, the 2nd Moscow, 1st Auckland Triennial, The Venice-Istanbul Exhibition, The 1st Art and Architecture Biennial of the Canary Islands, the 4th Valencia Biennial, the 3rd Albania Biennial, the 2nd Prague Biennial, and the 3rd Lima Biennial, among others.

Organized by NYU MFA Creative Writing in Spanish Program.