CWS | Vuelta a la otra margen: Alquimia, ensambles y opciones en la poesía peruana 2

Featuring: Oswaldo Chanove and Tilsa Otta

Introduced by Mariela Dreyfus

Wednesday, March 9, 2022, 7:00pm EST
This event will be ONLINE and in SPANISH.
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Oswaldo Chanove devotes himself full time to literature. His poetic work is frequently nourished with elements extracted from genres other than poetry. He has published nine poetry and three narrative books. He has received the Luces and “José María Arguedas” Award for poetry.

Tilsa Otta (Lima, 1982) has published the following collections of poems: “Mi niña veneno en el jardín de las baladas del recuerdo”, “Indivisible”, “Antimateria, “Gran acelerador de poemas”, and “La vida ya superó a la escritura”. She has also published the short story book “Un ejemplar extraño” the comic book “VA” (co-authored with Rita Ponce de León), the poetry book for children “Ideario. Ejercicios para imaginar y jugar” (Penguin Random House) and the novel “Lxs niñxs de oro de la alquimia sexual” with the same publisher. “The purity of air", an anthology of her stories has been translated into English and published in England by Perrito House. In 2021, she presented the biography “Pepe Villalobos. El rey del festejo”, (co-written with Vicente Otta), and the experimental poetry book “cuaderno de los días reunidos”, in 2022. In addition, she is dedicated to audiovisual creation and teaches poetic creation workshops for both adults and children. More info at

Organized by the NYU MFA Creative Writing in Spanish Program.