Directed by Ishmael Bernal
Availability window: 7pm, Nov 13 – 7pm, Nov 27

The apparition of the Blessed Virgin in a poor island village sparks hysteria, nascent greed, and doubts of faith, overwhelming the life of the young woman at its center.

Visions/Panawin aims to introduce the New York University and KJCC community to the ardent, prolific culture of the Philippines as expressed in key works from the rich and audacious canon of Philippine cinema.

The Fall Series will present six films with two-week video-on-demand availability windows each. You can pre-order a free tickets for each title. Once you play start on a film, you will have a 48-hour watch window.

Link to the Visions/Panawin Film Series streaming site on Eventive:

If it’s your first time, you’ll be asked to register individually on the Eventive site (if you still don’t have an Eventive account). You will then be asked to enter an unlock code (case sensitive): siglo_de_epifania137a*z

You will then be able to “buy” the ticket for your first film. The system will remember the unlock code you entered for the first film, which will allow you to “buy” tickets for other films in the series

You will receive email confirmation for each ticket, with details on availability dates and the 48-hour watch window.

Check this site nearer the availability dates of each individual film for curatorial commentary and, when available, links to supplemental material and resources:

This virtual presentation is available to NYU and KJCC constituents free courtesy of the Sulo Philippine Studies Initiative at NYU. Geoblocked to New York, New Jersey, Connecticut.

For further details and links go to the Visions/Panawin site at

Visions/Panawin was organized by Sulo: the Philippine Studies Initiative at NYU in collaboration with NYU King Juan Carlos I of Spain Center.