Miguel Poveda in Concert @ NYU Skirball Center April 7th & 8th

Part of the KJCC 25th Anniversary Program

Thursday, April 7th & Friday, April 8th, 2022, 7:30p.m. EDT
This event will be IN PERSON.
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NYU student tickets are ONLY $15

(Photo credit: Pedro Walter)

Possessing a strong technique and a charismatic stage presence, his concerts are inspired musical events. For his long-awaited NYC solo debut, he takes the audience on a tour of the traditional musical forms of flamenco, from malagueñas and alegrías to seguirillas and soleás.

At Skirball, he will be accompanied on stage by four internationally acclaimed artists: Jesús Guerrero (guitar), Miguel Soto Peña “El Londro” (voice and palmas), Paquito González (percussion), Joan Albert Amargós (piano) as well as Gypsy dancer Antonio Molina “El Choro.” This special event is co-presented with NYU’s King Juan Carlos I of Spain Center to celebrate their 25 years of creative programming that foregrounds the history, politics, and cultures of Spain and the Spanish-speaking world, and is co-produced with Flamenco Festival New York.

Co-sponsored by NYU King Juan Carlos Center, NYU Skirball Center for the Performing Arts and Flamenco Festival New York.