Online Event | CWS Event | Veveviejo, with Rosa Luisa Márquez y Antonio Martorell Introduced by Rubén Ríos Avila

Wednesday, April 7, 7:00pm
This event was in SPANISH

Antonio Martorell and Rosa Luisa Márquez have collaborated in multiple creative ventures since the days of Taller Alacrán, in the Santurce, Puerto Rico of the sixties. He has been the scenographer for many of her productions, such as her groundbreaking rendition of Waiting for Godot in 1997, using male and female actors. They also frequently work as joint performers in pieces written by Martorell, like Veveviejo, about the complexities, pains and joys of aging.

Antonio Martorell is one of Puerto Rico’s greatest living artists, a founding figure of its well established tradition of graphic art, initiated by Lorenzo Homar, Rafael Tufiño and Julio Rosado del Valle, among others. He is also a painter, and a writer. His poignant memoir, La piel de la memoria, has been translated as Memory’s Tattoo by Andrew Hurley. Film and video director Paloma Suau’s recent El accidente feliz, is a documentary which celebrates Martorell’s long, productive and significant creative life.

Rosa Luisa Márquez is a devoted and accomplished practitioner of theater art as an instrument for social change, both as producer, actress, director and teacher. She has been a close collaborator of theater groups like Malayerba in Ecuador, Yuyachkani in Perú, Bread and Puppet theater in Vermont and the Theater of the Opressed, with Augusto Boal, in Brasil. She recently produced and directed Las hijas de la Bernarda, a dance theater interpretation of Lorca’s theater.

Organized by NYU MFA Creative Writing in Spanish Program. Produced by KJCC.