periferias, the podcast | Third episode: Nick Jones

A podcast highlighting the diverse and multidisciplinary voices that make up the King Juan Carlos I of Spain Center (KJCC) at New York University (NYU).

Hosted by Laura Keyt, PhD Candidate in the Department of Spanish and Portuguese whose work focuses on Medieval and Early Modern Iberia.

Third episode: Nick Jones

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On today’s episode, a conversation with Professor Nick Jones, KJCC Scholar-in-Residence and Assistant Professor of Spanish at UC Davis. We discuss Blackness in/and the Early Modern period, ‘bandwagonism’ in the field, period drama, and the popular representation of difference, alongside our personal attractions to and definitions of the premodern. And of course, Cervantes and the Quijote!

Episode Notes:
Prof. Jones’ book Staging Habla de Negros: Radical Performances of the African Diaspora in Early Modern Spain (3:40)
Barbara Fuchs, Exotic Nation: Maurophilia and the Construction of Early Modern Spain (9:23)
Dr. Michael Gomez, NYU Faculty Page and Publications (18:23)
Heather Love, Feeling Backward: Loss and the Politics of Queer History (19:57)
Chloe Eirton in Renaissance Quarterly Black Africans’ Freedom Litigation Suits… (20:23)
David Wheat, Atlantic Africa (21:24)
Jennifer Morgan, Reckoning with Slavery Reckoning with Slavery: Gender, Kinship, and Capitalism in the Early Black Atlantic (27:22)
Prof. Jones edited volume, Pornographic Sensibilities: Imagining sex and the visceral in pre-modern and early modern Spanish cultural production (27:32)
Prof. Jones’ piece “Cervantes and the Matter of Black Lives” Full text here (33:37)
Jodie Turner Smith as Anne Boleyn Anne Boleyn Limited Series Trailer | Rotten Tomatoes TV (48:50)