Spring 2022 Lecture Series | Spanish Flus: Pandemic Disease in the Iberian World from the Middle Ages through the Present

All lectures will take place on Zoom from 5:00pm - 6:15pm EST/EDT
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This series is an open, public component of the spring 2021 course, “Pandemic Literatures,” SPAN-UA 461/MEIS-UA 518/COLIT-UA 852-2, which is open to NYU & consortium undergrad and grad students. The syllabus is here:

Wednesday, January 26
Justin Stearns, NYU-Abu Dhabi
Religion, Contagion, and Plague in the Premodern Islamicate World

Monday, February 7
Efraim Lev, University of Haifa
Arabic Medicine and Pharmacology in Medieval Societies

Monday, February 14
Monica Green, Independent Scholar
On the Edge of a Pandemic World: The later Medieval Mediterranean within Afro-Eurasian Disease Networks

Monday, April 11
Chris Rose, Our Lady of the Lake U
Rethinking the “Spanish” Flu in the Time of COVID-19

Wednesday, April 20
Louie Valencia-García, Texas State
Madrid Kills Me!: Sites of Resistance During the HIV/AIDS Crisis

Wednesday, April 27
Martha Few, Penn State
Epidemics, Maya Communities, and Public Health in the Covid-19 Era: Views from Colonial Guatemala

\*Prof. Stearns’ talk will be pre-recorded to accommodate the time difference between New York and Abu Dhabi. The remaining talks will be conducted live with ample opportunity for Q&A and discussion with the speakers.

Cosponsored by the NYU Department of Spanish and Portuguese and the NYU King Juan Carlos I of Spain Center.