Symposium: Tales of Time, Images of Memory: Archives, Evidence, Connections

In Latin America, we live in urgent times that require us to rethink our relationship with the past and with the remnants of multiple temporalities. Zones of extractivism, dispossession and specific violences—a violence of conquest, some authors would say—are mixed with recognition, cultural sovereignty and the proliferation of alterities in the context of the crisis of the nation-state. What is the shape of this Latin American "time" that defies the linear order of historical representation? What stories do the archives tell that we are unable to listen? We have long insisted that a "disobedient memory" is one capable of connecting what we have been forced to dissociate. What are the signs of these necessary connections and their multiple times? How can alternative/subaltern/queer archives be imagined not only as a kind of register, but in their potential for the future(s)?

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