Putting Students at the Center of Our 25th Anniversary Year

I am delighted to announce that KJCC is dedicating donations received during our year-long 25th Anniversary celebration to programming that is designed for – and initiated by – NYU students.

This Space Is Yours celebrates and expands the open and inclusive environment that NYU students have experienced at KJCC since the Center’s founding. Undergraduate and graduate students come to the Center for community, cultural nourishment, academic support, and opportunities for leadership and networking. Students hold seats on KJCC’s Advisory Board, and in year-long internships, lead the development of new and engaging programming.

This Space is Yours will support structured, sustainable avenues for student input and participation in every aspect of the Center’s activities, as we continue to evolve KJCC’s rich, layered history and offerings in response to our students’ changing concerns and interests.

I hope you will join us in encouraging an ever-greater number of NYU students to experience our KJCC space as their own.

With gratitude,

Jordana Mendelson

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